Château Hautefort


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Hautefort castle

56 m2 | 3 x Queen Bed | Sleeps 6 people

Ce gîte dans la canopée peut accueillir jusqu’à six personnes. Une passerelle de bois à cheval sur la douve vous mènera sur une cour intérieure spacieuse. Il s’agit de notre plus grande cabane avec SPA. L’ambiance intérieure est empreinte de métal et de tradition. La patine de fer et le bois vieilli ardoisé se marient harmonieusement et...

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Cottage Amenities


Air conditioning

Hot tub



Flat screen TV

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Château Hautefort

This canopy lodge can accommodate up to six people. A wooden walkway straddling the moat will lead you to a spacious interior courtyard. This is our largest cabin with SPA. The interior atmosphere is imbued with metal and tradition. The iron patina and slate aged wood blend harmoniously and seem unalterable, as if time had no hold on them. Access to the 3rd bedroom is via a staircase located outside, next to the entrance door of the cabin.

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3 beds of 160 x 200


Air conditionning/Heater


Coffee maker Dolce gusto & Kettle




Television & Wifi


Double shower


Towels & Bathrobes


Hair dryer

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SPA for 6 poeple at 37°